Modern Bride features  Tamlyn Willard


Award-winning Sublime Pies & Cakes reopens on James Island
Tamlyn Willard of Sublime Pies & Cakes reopens and forms a partnership with the Charleston Cookie Company on James Island.

By Lorne Chambers

Four years ago, Charleston was taken by storm — a Key lime storm — when Sublime Pies & Cakes opened in West Ashley. Quickly the small Savannah Highway boutique bakery became a smash hit, not only across the Lowcountry but beyond. In 2006, the little bakery that could shocked the baking world and netting first place at the esteemed Great American Pie Festival in Orlando, Fla., a national competition which crowns the best pie maker in each category, ranging from Apple and Key lime to custard and sweet potato and more. Sublime took first prize in both the traditional Key Lime category and the Specialty Pie category, with its Key Lime Cheesecake.

Beyond the delicious pies and other key lime treats, Sublime’s owner Tamlyn Willard also spent a lot of thought on her packaging. Her trademark bright pink boxes with green ribbons were always an eye catcher and a crowd pleaser when someone showed up at a party or event with a Sublime pie.

Willard was soon named one of the Charleston Regional Business Journal’s 40 under 40 entrepreneurs and things seemed to be rocketing for Willard and her little bakery. But then something even more amazing happen. She and her husband Scott were going to have a baby … actually, two. With twins “in the oven,” so to speak, the baker closed her store front and took some time to be a mom. But now, after more than a year hiatus, Sublime is back.

Back are the pink boxes, green ribbon, and the delicious baked goods. Back is the ability to call in a special request for a party. Back are the Dirty Pies on a Stick. Willard has partnered with the Charleston Cookie Company right here in James Island and will be offering all these old favorites and more.
“I am so excited to announce that I am working hand-in-hand with Charleston Cookie Company to bring our products back into the market place,” says Willard. “We are so excited about this partnership and look forward to being able to bring our pies back to Charleston.”

Starting June 22, Sublime is officially back in business. “We will have our key lime pies, dirty pie on a stick, and cookies stocked all the time but if you need something special or need to reserve a pie you can always call.” says Williard. “I thank you for being so patient in the break that I have taken to be home with my babies!"